May 4, 2019
West Carleton Amateur Sports Club

School Competition

We are excited to invite schools to compete in a participation challenge. A trophy and a cash prize of $2000 will be awarded to the school with the largest percentage of its population involved in the races, either as a volunteer or a race participant. Schools must let us know that they are participating, provide the size of the student body, and explain how the $2000 prize will be used to promote literacy. For example, schools may wish to purchase books, sponsor author presentations, or develop literacy programs. The winning school will be asked to write an article about their plans for the prize money, which will be shared via social media and printed in local newspapers. We encourage schools to increase participation, and increase the school's chance for winning, by promoting the Diefenbooker event through newsletters, social media, assemblies, etc. Register online, see here for details. Make sure you specify your school!

Additionally, we are inviting the West Carleton branches of the Ottawa Public Library and 5 primary schools--St. Michael's Corkery, St. Michael's Fitzroy Harbour, Huntley Centennial, St. Remi and Stonecrest--to submit a funding proposal for a literacy project. The Diefenbooker committee will select the winning proposals. Each proposal must include how the funds will be used, including a wish list with estimates. We would also like each organizers to explain how they can promote the Diefenbooker event. We are looking for adult volunteers, marketing of the event through newsletters, social media, assemblies, Diefenbooker t-shirt days, etc.

The deadline for proposals is February 1st 2019.

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Check out the Proceeds page to see what some of the schools did with the funds they received last year, 2018.