May 4, 2019
West Carleton Amateur Sports Club

2019 Race Photos

Check out our Diefenbooker Race Facebook Facebook page for a bunch of great photos of this year's event.
As well, here are two other collections of event photos.
Diefenbooker Photo collection 1
Diefenbooker Photo collection 2
And here is video presentation of a large number of the event photos

Diefenbooker 2019
Diefenbooker 2019
Loonie Loop
Loonie Loop
Run Start
Run Start
Cycle Start
Cycle Start

Race photos of previous Years

2018 Race Photos
Check out 2018 Diefenbooker for a collection of photos taken by Mario Cerroni.

2017 Race Photos
A collection of 2017 race photos can be seen on the Ottawa Public Library Facebook site at Facebook 2017 Diefenbooker Classic (Thanks to Rheal Doucette for taking these). A montage of other 2017 Diefenbooker photos is available on You Tube at: 2017 Diefenbooker (Thanks to René Bastien for creating this montage).

2016 Race Photos
A video of 2016 Diefenbooker highlights is available on YouTube at: 2016 Diefenbooker (Thanks to Ian Urbach for creating this). Check out the Facebook Diefenbooker Race Facebook site for photo albums of the run dating as far back as 2012.

As well, photos of the Facebook 2016 Diefenbooker and the Facebook 2015 Diefenbooker are available on the Facebook Ottawa Public Library Facebook site.

CDs containing photos from previous races are also available in the Carp Branch of the Ottawa Public Library.
Small collections of photos for some previous races are available on previous year's websites as well.